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Shear effects on platelets and the vessel wall in the pathogenesis of atherothrombosis

Bark D, Nesbitt W, Wong A, Jackson S.

In: Colman RW, Marder VJ, Clowes AW, George JN, Goldhaber SZ, editors. Hemostasis and Thrombosis: Basic Principles and Clinical Practice. 6th ed. Philadelphia. 2013, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. P. 1592

Refereed journal publications

Role of tissue biomechanics in the formation and function of myocardial trabeculae in zebrafish embryos.

Cairelli A, Gendernalik A, Chan WX, Nguyen P, Vermot J, Lee J, Bark D, Yap CH. (2024). Physiol. J. 602(4) p. 597-617

Hemocompatibility and Biophysical Interface of Left Ventricular Assist Devices and Total Artificial Hearts

Nascimbene A, Bark D, Smadja D. (2024). Blood. 143(8) p. 661-672

Decoding Thrombosis through Code: A Review of Computational Models

*Grande Gutierrez N, Mukherjee D, Bark D. (2024). J Thromb Haemost. 22(1) p. 35-47

Maximizing flow speed in low volume, rapid flow microfluidic paper-based analytical devices

*Macleod Briongos I, Call Z, Henry C, Bark D. (2023). Microfluid. Nanofluidics. 27(70). 

The in vivo study of cardiac mechano-electric and mechano-mechanical coupling during heart development in zebrafish

Baillie, J., Gendernalik, A., Garrity, D., Bark, D., Quinn, A. (2023). Frong Physiol. 14 p. 453

Flow assessment as a function of pump timing of tubular pulsatile pump for use as a ventricular assist device in a left heart simulator

Sharifi, A. &  Bark D. (2022). Artif Organs. 46(7) p. 1294-1304

Myocardial Afterload Is a Key Biomechanical Regulator of Atrioventricular Myocyte Differentiation in Zebrafish

Ahuja, N., Ostwald, P., Gendernalik, A., Guzzolino, E., Pitto, L., Bark, D., & Garrity, D. M. (2022).  J of Cardiovas Dev. 9(1).

Calcific Aortic Stenosis – A review on acquired mechanisms of the disease and treatments.

Zebhi, B., Lazkani, M., & Bark D. (2021). Front Cardiovasc Med. 8

Valveless pumping behavior of the simulated embryonic heart tube as a function of contractile patterns and myocardial stiffness

Sharifi, A., Gendernalik, A., Garrity, D., & Bark, D. (2021). Biomech Model Mechanobiol. 20(5) p. 2001-2012

Standardization of blood flow conditions for in vitro haemostasis and arterial thrombosis studies: a review on wall shear rates in humans and mice

J Thromb Haemost. 19(2) p. 588-595

Mechanical forces impacting cleavage of von Willebrand factor in laminar and turbulent blood flow

Sharifi, A. & Bark, D. (2021). Fluids 6 p. 67

In vivo pressurization of the zebrafish embryonic heart as a tool to characterize tissue properties during development

Annals of Biomedical Engineering., 9 p. 834-845

Right ventricle in hypoplastic left heart syndrome exhibits altered hemodynamics in the human fetus

Zebhi, B., Wiputra, H., Howley, L., Cuneo, B., Park, D., Hoffman, H., Gilbert, L., Yap, CH., & Bark, D. (2020). Journal of Biomechanics. 112, p. 110035

Impact of superhydrophobicity on the fluid dynamics of a bileaflet mechanical heart

Hatoum, H., Vallabhuneni, S., Kota, A., Bark, D., Popat, A., & Dasi, L.P. (2020). Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials., 110, p. 103895

Pathologic shear rates and elongation rates do not cause cleavage of von Willebrand factor by ADAMTS13 in a purified system

Bortot, M., Sharifi, A., Ashworth, K., Walker, F., Cox, A., Ruegg, K., Clendenen, N., Neeves, K., Bark, D., & Di Paola, J. (2020). Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. p. 1-12

Biomechanical Cues Direct Valvulogenesis

Ahuja, N., Ostwald, P., Bark, D., & Garrity, D. (2020). Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease. 7(2), 18.

Pilot‐scale open‐channel raceways and flat‐panel photobioreactors maintain well‐mixed conditions under a wide range of mixing energy inputs

Quiroz‐Arita, C., Blaylock, M., Gharagozloo, P., Bark, D., Dasi, L.P., & Bradley T. (2020). Bioeng

TNF-α driven inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction define the platelet hyperreactivity of aging

Davizon-Castillo, P., Mcmahon, B., Aguila, S., Bark, D., Ashworth, K.,  Allawzi, A., Campbell, R., Montenont, E., Nemkov, T., D’Alessandro, A., Clendenen, N., Shih, L., Cox, A., Guadalupe, M., Padilla-Romo, Z., Hernandez, G., Wartchow, E., Trahan, G., Nozik-Grayck, E., Jones, K., Pietras, E., DeGregori, J., Rondina, M., & Di Paola, J. (2019). Blood., 134(9), 727-740

Turbulent Flow Promotes Cleavage of von Willebrand Factor by ADAMTS13

Bortot, M., Ashworth, K., Sharifi, A., Walker, F., Crawford, N., Neeves, K., Bark, D., & Di Paola, J. (2019). ATVB., 39(9), 1831-1842

Hemocompatibility of Super-Repellent Surfaces: Current and Future

Movafaghi, S., Wang, W., Bark, D., Dasi, L., Popat, K., & Kota, A. Mater. Horiz., 6(8), 1596-1610 

Human Fetal Hearts with Tetralogy of Fallot have Altered Fluid Dynamics and Forces

Wiputra, H., Chen, C.K., Talbi, E., Lim, G.L., Soomar, S.M., Biswas, A., Mattar, C.N.Z., Bark, D., Leo, H.L., & Yap, C.H. (2018). Am. J. Physiol. H-00235-2018R2

Neutrophil macroaggregates promote widespread pulmonary thrombosis after gut ischemia

Yuan, Y., Alwis, I., Wu MC., Kaplan, Z., Ashworth, K., Bark Jr, D., Pham, A., Mcfadyen, J., Schoenwaelder, SM., Josefsson, EC., Kile, BT., & Jackson, S. (2017). Sci. Transl. Med. 27(9), 409

Valveless pumping mechanics of the embryonic heart during cardiac looping: Pressure and flow through micro-PIV

Bark Jr, D.L., Johnson, B., Garrity, D., & Dasi, L.P. (2017). J. Biomech., 50, 50-55

Hemodynamic performance and thrombogenic properties of a superhydrophobic bileaflet mechanical heart valve

Bark Jr, D.L., Vahabi, H., Bui, H., Movafaghi, S., Moore, B., Kota, A.K., Popat, K., & Dasi, L.P. (2017). Ann. Biomed. Eng., 45(2), 452-463 

Effect of arched leaflets and stent profile on the hemodynamics of tri-leaflet flexible polymeric heart valves

Yousefi, A., Bark Jr, D.L., & Dasi, L.P. (2017). Biomed. Eng., 45(2), 464-475

Mechanisms influencing retrograde flow in the atrioventricular canal during early embryonic cardiogenesis

Bark Jr, D.L., Bulk, A., Johnson, B., Garrity, D., & Dasi, L.P. (2016). J. Biomech., 49(14), 3162-3167

The impact of fluid inertia on mitral valve leaflet constitutive properties and mechanics

Bark Jr, D.L. & Dasi, L.P, (2016). Ann. Biomed. Eng., 44(5), 1425-1435 

Reynolds shear stress for textile prosthetic heart valves in relation to fabric design

Bark Jr, D.L., Yousefi, A., Forleo, M., Vaesken, A., Heim, F., & Dasi, L.P, (2016). J. Mech. Behav. Biomed. Mater., 60, 280-287

Altered mechanical states in embryonic heart results in time-dependent decreases in cardiac function

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Theory to predict shear stress on cells in turbulent blood flow

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Platelet transport rates and binding kinetics at high shear over a thrombus

Bark Jr, D.L. & Ku., D.N. (2013). Biophys. J., 105(2), 502-511

Correlation of thrombosis growth rate to pathological wall shear rate during platelet accumulation

Bark Jr, D.L., Para, A.N., & Ku, D.N. (2012). Biotechnol. Bioeng., 109(10), 2642-2650

Rapid platelet accumulation leading to thrombotic occlusion

Para, A.N., Bark Jr, D.L., Lin, A., & Ku, D.N., (2011). Ann. Biomed. Eng., 39(7), 1961-1971

Wall shear over high degree stenoses pertinent to atherothrombosis

Bark Jr, D.L. & Ku., D. N., (2010). J. Biomech., 43(15), 2970-2977

Numerical study of shear-induced thrombus formation over arterial stent struts

Bark Jr, D.L. & Ku, D. N., (2009). J. Med. Device., 3(2), 027525

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